funky dory icons

welcome to funky dory icons: version 6.0: with a little help from my friends

in june 2004, i started this site because my main forms of work avoidance are playing about with graphics or tinkering with html; this site combines both. i'm happy for anyone to use these as they wish, but i do ask a couple of things:

1. i'd appreciate it if you could let me know if you're taking any icons and which ones. you can leave me a message in the shout box over on the left there or come by the livejournal and leave a comment. it's nice to know that people like my work and it's the only reason i actually bother to maintain a website, rather than just making them for my own happiness.

2. i'm not going to hunt you down and beat you with a haddock if you don't credit me, but it's cool if you can. whether that's using xfunkydoryx as the keyword for lj icons or linking back to here on your website or profile, i'd appreciate it. For those who don't know HTML, just copy and paste the code in the text box, saving the button to your own server and replacing BUTTON URL with your own.

text link
button link



3. DO NOT DIRECT/HOTLINK. this is bandwidth theft and may result in some ugly flashing graphic taking the place of the purdy angel/kaylee/logan icon you may have actually wanted. if you're looking for an image server, photobucket are free.

if you want to be kept up to date on new icons, you can add the livejournal to your friends list.